Most brands of commonly available disinfectants will protect against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. However, the protection is short-lived and temporary.

Nano Biosciences has been working with some of the world’s leading laboratories and scientists using innovative technology to develop sustainable and eco-friendly products helping in the fight against microbes, bacteria and viruses.

Universal Protect is one such product, just launched into the UK market.  This product offers long term protection against all pathogens for up to 6 months (manufactures guarantee), active on the surface 24×7, eliminating and continuously protecting.

How does it work and why are the major brands not selling it…

Simply put, Universal Protect is a liquid antimicrobial coating which creates a protective layer on surfaces by forming a ‘nano bed’ of microscopic sharp peaks that ‘pierce’ the membrane of any microorganism on contact, resulting in loss of energy in the microbe and its ultimate death.

All major brands of disinfectant products offer temporary surface protection using chemical agents, the pathogens return almost immediately through regular use.  This model is very lucrative for these products and maintains the income from the need for continuous and frequent cleaning.

Universal Protect works by the mechanical action of the nano spikes and the Sio2 coating is long lasting, hence removes the need for frequent cleaning and the microbes and viruses cannot develop resistance to this product.

Testing explained…

This product has been fully tested and certified by independent laboratories and in real life settings.  It is considered by the FDA as one of the safest and most effective active long-term innovations to manage all pathogens. The manufacturers provide a 6 month guarantee on the durability of the coating and its effectiveness. For more testing results, you can follow this link.

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Dear Customer!

This product is unique using innovative technology, hard to believe, it works, it’s real and we want you to protect your surfaces, our 500 ml bottle can protect a whole house, your business AND ESPECIALLY HEALTH SECTOR, it is truly going to help in the fight against covid19 especially when we heading for another spike in the winter.

Our special offer price of 39.99  (500 ml)  bottle can protect up to 60 sqm, and we are proud to offer 6 Months Manufacturing guarantee, and we can even certify your business to show your clients you care.

Fill in the contact form here with your details we can call you back if you want to buy later.

Having doubts read this!

Why is it so important to coat surfaces?

  • After cleaning a surface anyone touching the surface would leave pathogens on the surface until the next time it was cleaned. The rate of cross-contamination goes up exponentially
  • Surfaces left uncoated under the microscope are not smooth and open to all pathogens to grow and multiply by coating them you continually sanitise the surface 24×7 for up to 6 months
  • Bacterial resistance in most cleaning products is now becoming a major concern, our technology works using a mechanical process hence pathogens cannot develop resistance

Feel free to message us and discuss your requirements, more information on the case studies data is available from the manufacturer, we are an approved supplier and quality check all our deliveries and make sure our customers get the best service.

Message from Mico Hamlyn – CTO

My team and I are working hard to making a difference and supporting our business in the UK in this unprecedented time of COVID19, I wish all of you the very best in staying safe. I thank every customer on this site and by making a small effort to support us we can develop more products and research into new environmentally friendly ways of protection. New technology does not always get support from large corporations but from the grassroots, we can make a difference together.

Thank you so much.

Background of Mico Hamlyn

Natural Sciences BSc 1st Class Hons at Cambridge – Master’s in public health from Imperial, conducted academic research on epidemiological methods, and worked at a variety of organisations including an NHS governing body responsible for commissioning medical workforce training, and performing consultancy for a city capital investment firm on the Coronavirus epidemic