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COVERAGE 5-10ml per sqm

Our 50 ml and 125 ml range is only for smaller items mobile phones, door handles and laptops. For higher quantity please contact us for our new EPA 101 tested government-approved coating systems for your business.

Long-lasting Anti-Microbial/virus protection coating system for all surfaces 24/7 protection to reduce cross-contamination

  • Covid19 surface protection for up to 6 months on most surfaces which prevents cross-contamination 24/7. Tested and approved for Use.
  • Unique technological advancements in NANO particles can coat surfaces creating PROTECTIVE LAYER, which will help stop the spread of bacteria and virus.
  • Help support your business to be protected Show your customers you care
  • We can help stop the spread. Contact us today or order online now


Our Coatings have been tested and approved independently to meet with multiple industry standards including EN14476 and is effective against known pathogens including Covid19. The product manufacturers provide a 6-month guarantee

The Si02 technology has been tested and approved independently and meets with multiple industry standards AATCC (100- 2004, 42-2013, 118-2007, 1355) and ASTM (D3389-15, D6413, 4108-, C1624, B117)

Contact Us today for further information testing and other products. If your business needs protection we have a range of products which may suit your business requirements info@nanobiosciences.co.uk



Surfaces coated with HYGIENIA TOUCH are more resistant to contamination for up to 6 months plus subject to abrasion. This effectively meant that surfactants are no longer required for cleaning; a valuable contribution to easing environmental and cost burdens.

  • Free from colourants/fragrances

  • Eco-friendly

  • Biocide free

  • Long-lasting (up to 6 months subject to abrasion)

  • Easy to use

  • Reduces the need for harmful cleaning chemicals

  • Leaves surfaces (easy-clean) / less water / less cleaning time

  • Protects against micro-scratches

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50ml, 125ml, 500ml