This product is available for easy domestic home application in a handy bottle sizes with full application instructions. This will cover the surface area of an average 3-bedroom house. You can order your product on our  web shop.

Domestic Self-Application Planning

Make a list of all the areas which can be protected and are high risk surfaces e.g door handles, work surface tops, kitchen, and bathroom taps. This includes vehicles steering wheel, gear stick and car door handles. Surface preparation is key in making sure the nanoparticles can easily bond to the surface, so this will mean that all surfactants, wax, oils debris and dust must be removed thoroughly. Using Isopropanol or any Household cleaner would be sufficient.

Once the area is dry and wiped down with a microfiber cloth check surface is dry the surface will be ready for application Apply the product with a strong tissue or microfiber cloth and ensure the area is fully wetted and that the product has been applied to all areas.

Allow to dry and the surface after 24 will be ready for general cleaning. Most daily cleaners will not affect the surface, high abrasion areas may require a touch every few months.


This is dependent on the specific requirements of your business. We can provide a full Covid-19 Risk Assessment for your business and arrange for the application on all the contact surfaces. There is also an option to purchase the product for self-application. Please fill in this simple questionnaire form and a member of our team will be in contact to ensure you are provided with a solution which best suits your requirements.

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